Yoga Warrior II

The Warriors belong to the most popular standing postures in Hatha Yoga. They give you not only physical but also mental strength: Pretty much everyone who has ever been to a yoga class knows how much stamina and persitstence a the supporting leg demands! Through challenging yourself not only physical but more mentally you become stronger by practicing the pose over and over again.

With the time you will find more and more serenity in your legs, in  your arms and first and foremost in your head:

No matter how strong you are, warrior – you don’t have to carry all this weight on your shoulders!

However warrior poses not only strengthen the leg muscles. They also train ankles, back and shoulders. Furthermore they help on improving your balancing and coordination skills.

In the following article I’d like to present you Warrior II. Especially for the hip openers which are very popular in Hatha Yoga this standing pose is a great preparation.

How to become a Yoga Warrior

  1. Start in a wide legged standing pose with you feet parallel to each other.
  2. Turn only your right foot vertical (parallel to the side of your mat). The left foot remains parallel to the end of the mat.
  3. Press both of your feet into the mat so you shift weight in both feet at the same time emphasising the outer edge of your back foot.
  4. Bend your right knee in a right angle to your mat so your knee joint is in one exact line with your front ankle.
  5. Maintain your spine straight and hold the body weight in your centre (above your pelvis).
  6. Inhale and straighten your arms in one horizontal line with your shoulders. Keep your shoulders relaxed and away from the ears.
  7. Rotate your head from your cervicals and gaze beyond the middle finger without moving the torso.

Stay here for a few deep breaths. Maintain centred while holding the weight of your body between both hips. The spine remains straights and the arms widely stretched. 

To get out of the pose bring both hands back onto your hips, straighten the right leg, turn your head and the right foot back to the starting position and then repeat step by step on the other side.

Yoga Warrior II is the ideal Asana for:

  1. Strong legs & ankles.
  2. Knee support.
  3. Opening the hips & the upper body.
  4. Stretching groin.
  5. Strong but relaxed shoulders.

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Photos & Yoga Asana from:

Hatha Yoga – Das komplette Buch. Martina Mittag.

Erschienen: Mai 2018 im Meyer & Meyer Verlag.

Soon available in English!