Dancer Pose

Dancers always seem to be so sublime. The dignity of a dancers attitude you will also find while working on this yoga pose. Don’t forget tho that the moments you just let go and give in your need for movement can end up in the most beautiful dances and flows. On your yoga mat you can allow yourself to go with the flow. Without judging Natarajasana (Dancer Pose) opens up our heart space and enables us to transfer the inner attitude and sublimity of a dancer to our physical presence. No matter if you dance on a stage, on a dancefloor or your yoga mat: You dance more beautiful if you do it with an open heart!

Start in an upright standing position.

Create a stable base by engaging your standing leg. Ground down through your standing foot and lift energy from the arch of your foot up to the thigh by sucking up the kneecup.

Engage your Bandhas to gain more stability from your Core.

If you feel safe on your left leg, grab the outer edge of the right foot.

Slowly pull the right heel closer to your buttocks and feel the stretch in the front part of your thigh. If you feel a stabbing pain in your knee you should find an optional posture!

Inhale lift your left arm.

Exhale sink down with your upper body to lift your right leg higher.

Feel the expansion of the front side of your body and take some deep breaths in your dancer.

Let your breath flow slowly through your nostrils and fix your eyes on a Drishti (a point on the floor you can focus on visually) in order to find the balance in this pose.

Slowly come out of the pose and change sides.

Natarajasana stretches the thigh, the groin and shoulders. Furthermore the dancer challenges your balance and trains your thigh for more stability in your standing leg.

And even if you feel instable somedays: No worries, not even a dancer is perfect 😉