Breathe easy!

Breathing as Detox

It’s not that we are running out of air but of time when it comes to conscious breathing. 

Breathing nourishes our cells with oxygen. If we leave them hungry they will let us know by crinkles and a faster aging process. Instead of using the oxygenic space surrounding us we keep stressing our skins with Anti-Aging-Lotions or Facelifting procedures. 

The beauty outside however is just a mirror of what is going inside our system. The evacuation of toxic in our body supports health and vitality of since it eases pain, promotes the digestion and strengthens the brain capacities. 

The moment you start to deepen your breath until you can feel it in the space around your organs located in your abdomen you will recognize how this will improve your digestive system which is so important for the inner cleansing.

By breathing deeply trough your nostrils in an upright position you will not only oxygenate your lungs but also move your diaphragm. This supports your circular flow and enables you to release tension in your superficial muscles. Deep breathing is like communication with your cells, your muscles, your organs and all other parts of your physical system: You can control the parasympathic nervoussystem and control the relaxation and regeneration processes of your body. 

On average an adult takes around twelve breaths per minute. One inhale normally doesn’t last longer than five seconds. However the capacity of our lungs could handle so much more: If controlled in the right way the human body can store about 75 liters of air. In reality we normally only deal with seven to ten liters.

While breathing deeply you should be able to feel the inhalation in your chest, your abdomen and also down your back until you reach even the region of your pelvis and kidneys. Unfortunately reality mostly looks different: While we were breathing way more relaxed in our bellies as kids we feel more and more stress as an adult. This leads to tension in our bodies and a shortening of our breath. 

Since beauty ideals are telling us that we all should have flat bellies and toned abs we forget that a round shaped belly means satisfaction (for example after a good dinner with friends ;-)) and relaxation (this is when we stop stressing ourselves by sucking the belly an. Why do you think does the Happy Buddha look that happy sitting there with his bare and big belly?

Breathing kills your stress level

“Take a deep, deep breath”. This is what people will tell us if something really drives you nuts. Actually a deep inhalation followed by a long exhalation calms our nervous system, slows down our heart frequency and the blood pressure. Also we create space to let some time pass before we just react. After one or two deep breaths the drama in our head might have become smaller or disappear completely.

Especially after the natural pause after an exhalation the mind can cool down. Therefore it is important to not only inhale deeply but especially to exhale completely in moments you feel stressed. The exhalation enables us to let go: of stress in our head, of tension in our body and of emotions that might bother us. Before you impulsively react the next time just enjoy the small pause after a deep breath and then feel the impact it has on your brain and the way you respond to others.

DIY breathing meditation for relaxation

If you feel stressed from work or other things you should at least take your time twice a week to do this breathing meditation. 

Lay on your back. Let your arms and legs long, your heels falling apart from each other so that your hips can relax and your pelvis become very heavy. Your palms are facing the ceiling so your chest is open and your heart can be supplied by oxygen for the next deep breaths. Meanwhile you can relax your shoulder girdle into the floor.

Consciously feel how your belly moves with every breath that you take in your abdomen. If it is easier for you to feel your breathing you can also place your hands on the belly.

Stay conscious with your breath and try to let the breathing become slower by breathing deeper and deeper. If you want to you can count the seconds of your breath and try to expand it up to 1,2 or 3 seconds. Imagine that you supply yourself with fresh oxygen by deeply inhaling, and letting all the tensions in your body go with the exhalations. 

Enjoy the moment of completely stillness after completely exhaling. Maintaining this deep breathing rhythm just go on nourishing your self with prana (this is how yogis call the life force that we can connect with for example through breathing techniques). If your belly starts to make noises and sounds you did everything exactly right: This is how your body tells you that you are relaxed enough on the superficial level so your organs and your digestion can work without being disturbed. 

Before you end the practice become present in your body again by taking a deep inhalation which will flush fresh energy through your whole system. Roll on your right side and slowly come up to an upward sitting position. With your eyes closed stay here for a while just observing the natural rhythm of your breath.

Breathe Easy!

In our fast moving live superficial breathing has become our natural behavior. Oftentimes we do not appreciate the things in life that are given to us. Fact is that breathing keeps you alive because the moment you stop breathing there is no life left! Breathing connects the outer system with our small cosmos that we are living in. Treat yourself with presence and be alive by just breathing a bit more conscious and humble from time to time!

Just like now: Inhale. Exhale. Pause.

Photos from:

Hatha Yoga – Das komplette Buch. Martina Mittag.

Published in: May 2018 im Meyer & Meyer Verlag.

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