In modern times people might think that yoga is about touching the toes. Actually the mat practice doesn’t have to do that much with toe cuddling. Standing forebends such as Uttanasana are the proof for the fact that hanging around can be releasing and effective at the same time! On the way down to the mat there are so many things to explore. Uttanasana is the classic pose when it comes to standing yoga asana since it calms the nervous system and makes hips, hamstrings & your back happy by simply hanging around.

  1. Start in a standing pose. Feet hipwidth apart and parallel to each other.
  2. Deeply inhale and lift your arms up to stretch spine and the sides of your body.
  3. Exhale and bend the upper body down to the thighs. Starting from the hip joints.
  4. Let your knees slightly bend. Your head, neck and shoulders relaxed.
  5. Inhale and try to stretch your back bit by bit. Maybe you feel like straightening your legs more.
  6. Exhale and release more weight from shoulders, head and back.
  7. Stay here for a couple of deep breaths.
  8. Slowly find your way back up my bending your knees, shifting the weight slightly into the heels, lifting the arms up to the sides and bringing the hands in front of your heart. Optional you can roll yourself up vertebra by vertebra.

If you are suffering from serious back injuries or dizzyness you should skip this yoga pose for the moment and maybe try it something like Balasana.

Uttanasana is the perfect yoga pose for:

  • stretching the hips
  • strong legs
  • a flexible back
  • a yummy stretch in the hamstrings
  • calming the nerves
  • a balance in times you feel stressed out

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