Shoulder Yoga for Backpackers

Backpackers are literally carrying the world on their shoulders. My favorite Yoga Travel Equipment therefore is the yoga belt. Handy as it is you can unfold it at any time and wherever you want to. If you are already on the road and don’t have a yoga strap with you: Just use a belt or roll a travel towel for the following exercises.



Come in an upward seated position with crossed legs.

Grab both ends of the strap shoulderwidth apart.

Let your hips sink heavily into the ground and straighten the spine.

Now pull both ends of the belt at the same time without loosing stability in the shoulders.

Hold here for five deep breaths while keep pulling the strap.



Pull both ends of the strap tightly apart.

Exhale and bend your upper body to the right side.

Maintain the opposite side of your pelvis on the floor and the spine as straight as you can.

Inhale come back to centre with the spine straight.

Exhale bend the upper body to the left side.

Inhale come back to the starting position.

Repeat this a few times dynamical on both sides until you stay for a few deep breaths holding on each side.

Always try to maintain the pelvis grounded.



Back to centre keep both ends of the strap tightly pulled away from each other.

Exhale and slowly rotate your upper body to the right side while maintaining spine and pelvis in an upward position. Both sides of your buttox remain deeply rooted in the mat.

Inhale and come back to centre before you turn to your left with the next exhalation.

Repeat this a few times in the pace of your breathing rhythm.

Then stay on each side for a few deep breaths feeling the space you create between the ribs.



Hold the belt in your right hand.

Lift your right arm above your head so the longer end of the belt hangs loose.

Now spread your left arm away from the side of your body and rotate the shoulder a few times from the outside to the inside.

If the shoulder joint feels prepared bend your ellbow in order to grab the lower end of the strap with the left hand.

Now pull both ends of the strap strongly away from each other while straightening the spine even further.

Feel the opening of the front part of your shoulders and stay here for a few deep breaths.

Change sides.



Start in a low launch with your front knee in a right angle and the back toes tucked under.

Grab the strap from both ends and lift your arms high above the head.

Activate the core muscles.

Exhale and push the pelvis further forwards so you feel a stretch in the deep hip muscles.