Detox Yoga

Healthy food and physical activity boost  metabolism and digestion. But did you know that also Yoga contributes to a healthy metabolism? Following postures give you well-being at the outside as well as from the inside.

Pimp your system!

The term metabolism sums up all the biochemical processes in the human body and therefore is the base for all important activities and cooperation work of the organs.

Everything we put into pur system while eating is dissected in its smallest parts in order to filter the most important nutrients out and change it in a way so our body can use it for its purposes.

The most common diseases which resulting from a defective metabolism are overweight, diabetes, defections of the thyroid and all diseases concering the intestine.

A slow metabolism becomes noticable in terms of earning weight very quickly, sleepiness and indigestion.

Decomposition of the nutrients in the food already starts while eating. Slow eating and proper chewing are the first steps to relieve the upcoming digestion processes and metabolism in general.

Move your body, save your energy

But also physicial activities are essential for a smooth metabolism.

While practising Yoga you train all muscle parts in a smooth way. A strong muscle structure increases the basal energy rate at the moment you are actually moving as well as during relaxation.

In the following I put some asanas together which will support the work of your organs and therefore promote the processes of digestion and metabolism if you practise it constantly.

Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose

This pose gives a gently massage to your abdomen and is a great preparation for bow pose (coming next).

Start in a prone position with your forehead facing the mat.

Place your hands close to your upper rib cage keeping your arms in a 90 degree angle.

Activate the lower part of your core muscles (Mula Bandha) by gently pressing your pubic bone into the mat.

Lift up your chest while inhaling deeply. Try to keep your ellbows close to your ribcage.

Don’t lift up too high if you have any issues with your lower back. Always try to keep your abs engaged.

Breath deeply from the belly up to the chest opening that heart space. Stay here for 3-5 deep breaths.

Dhanurasana – Bow Pose

This pose open ups your heart space. Combined with a deep breath the abdomen including all of the organs located in this area are stimulated. Do not practise this pose if you have any back issues or during pregnancy.

Bend both knees and grab the outer edges of your ankles. Engage your core muscles to protect the lower back.

Inhale deeply and pull yourself up by pushing the feet into your hands.

Keep your core muscles engaged while breathing deeply from the front part of your belly all the way up to your heart.

If it feels right for you you can try to gently swing yourself back and forth. This movement will give an extra massage to your internal organs which are supporting your metabolism.

Matsyendrasana – Seated Twist

Twisting poses have a great impact on your spine but can also support the metabolism by massaging the internal organs located in your abdomen.

Find yourself in a upright seated position. Bend your left knee to the side and place the right foot at the outer side of your thigh. If your right bottom lifts up you rather place the foot in front of your left knee. It is very important to maintain the pelvis grounded in this pose since a stable foundation is the base for a straight spine.

Grab your knee with both hands so you can put yourself in an upright position.

Inhale deeply while lifting your right arm. Place the hand behind yourself while exhaling.

With the next inhalation lift your left arm expanding the length of your spine to the fullest. Hug your bended knee and twist further while exhaling.

Option: If you like a deeper twist (which will have rather have a refreshing effect on your spine than to your abdomen) you can also keep your arm at the outside of your knee (see picture).

Stay in your variation of this pose for five deep breaths. Maintain you spine straight and lift up higher with every inhalation. Then exhale completely allowing your system to get rid of all the waste you do not need anymore.